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3G or 4G LTE - What speed is right for you?

3G is a great option if you mostly use data to check Facebook, respond to emails or browse the web. If you’re looking to do all of the above plus stream HD videos and consume dynamic content, like Snapchat or Instagram stories with a seamless video experience, 4G LTE is our recommended data speed for you!


$40/30 days

Bonus data!

Data 1 GB + 1 GB, unlimited talk & text


$50/30 days

Bonus data!

4GB + 2GB Bonus, Unlimited Talk & Text

Even More Ways to Save


Pay by pre-authorized credit or Visa Debit card and save $2 every 30 days.

Refer a Friend

Sharing is caring. Take $1 off your payment each month for every friend you refer, as long as they stay with us.

Help the Community

Help others by taking part in our Community. You’ll earn points that could save you up to $10 on your monthly payment.

Loyalty Pays

Stay with us, and save $1 every 30 days after your first year, $2 after your second year, and so on.