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The Refer a Friend Reward

How does it work?

It’s simple: you will earn $1 every 30 days for each friend you refer to Public Mobile who enters your unique referral code in the referral code box during activation. Plus, your friend will receive a one-time credit of $10. You’ll continue to earn Rewards on plan renewal dates as long as your friends remain active customers. If you’re on a 90-day plan, this means you’ll earn $3 every 90 days for each friend.

How do I refer a friend?

When your friend is activating their SIM card, they will need to enter your unique referral code. You can find your code in the Overview page of your Self Serve: raf-1-ENIf your friend forgets to enter your code, we can’t manually apply the credit to your account, so make sure they do it right the first time! Below is what the referral field looks like: raf-2-EN

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