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The Loyalty Reward

How does it work?

On the first plan renewal date, after 12 months of tenure as a Public Mobile member, you will begin to earn a recurring Loyalty Reward for as long as you remain an active Public Mobile customer on that account. Regardless of what plan you are on, your tenure will continue to accumulate as long as your account remains active. If your account is in a suspended state for more than 60 days in a year, your Loyalty Reward will be delayed by the number of days your account was suspended.
Loyalty Reward Amount Earned30-day plan90-day plan
After 1 year$1/30 days$3/90 days
After 2 years$2/30 days$6/90 days
After 3 years$3/30 days$9/90 days
After 4 years$4/30 days$12/90 days
After 5 years$5/30 days$15/90 days

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