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This article will teach you how to use our online Community to find answers to your questions, and use tools such as:
  • Our chatbot SIMon.
  • Self-Serve.
  • Dialing *611 on your phone.

Our Virtual Assistant SIMon

Whether you have a general question or need account-specific help, our virtual assistant SIMon is the best place to get started for the quickest and easiest way to a solution. Available 24/7 with no waiting on hold, get the help you need following a brief conversation. Depending on what you share, SIMon will take you to relevant help articles, or if it’s something more urgent, it can help you submit a ticket to the Moderator Team. Click here to get started.

The Public Mobile Community

At Public Mobile, we like to do things differently. Instead of having expensive call centres, all of our customer support is done online. When you’re registered in the Community, you’ll be able to get and give help by starting a topic or responding to questions. To check out the Community, click here. If you need account-specific help, start a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon, to submit a ticket to the Moderator Team by clicking here. Note that a Community account is required to speak with someone on the Moderator team.

The Public Mobile Moderator Team

If the Community is stumped by your question or if you have an account specific issue, then it’s time to contact our super-knowledgeable Moderator Team.Here’s when and how to contact the Moderator Team:-Get help with your account the easy way by starting a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon. It’ll take you to relevant help articles, or if it’s something more urgent, it can help you submit a ticket to the Moderator Team. Click here to get
  • Alternatively, you can send a private message to the Moderators by clicking here. You’ll need to be logged in to your Community account for the link to work.

Verifying that you're the account owner

When you privately message a Moderator about a question that requires you to verify that you are the account owner, they will reply with a unique link to a secure online form. When you click on this link, you will need to provide either your Public Mobile:
  • Self-Serve username and password, or
  • Phone number and 5 digit verification code that you’ll receive to the number provided
  • If you are unable to verify using the options above, our Moderator Team will share an alternative option we have available for you.
After you’ve provided the information to verify that you’re the account owner, please reply to the existing private message thread you have with our Moderator Team, and they will provide you with full support.Here are some examples of when you will need to verify your identity before a Moderator can help you:
  • You would like to change your Self-Serve email address, or make other Self-Serve account changes that you are unable to do yourself.
  • Your earned Rewards are not showing up.
  • You need further assistance with your number transfer from another phone carrier.

When are Moderators available and how long till I get a response?

During business hours, we strive to answer customer messages swiftly. You will often get an answer within an hour. During peak periods, you may need to wait up to 48 hours.Moderators are available:
  • Monday to Friday from 8 AM to midnight Eastern time.
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.

How do I know if a Moderator has looked at my question or responded?

You can find out whether a Moderator has responded to your private message by clicking on the envelope icon.If you have not changed your account settings since creating your Community account, you will automatically receive email notifications when someone has sent you a private message. To modify this, just click on your Community avatar, then on ‘My Settings’, then navigate to the ‘Preferences tab’, then select ‘Private Messenger’ and checkmark the box beside ‘Receive email notifications for new private messages”.how-to-use-community-3

Are there any questions that always require a Moderator?

There definitely are, and here are some examples of when to contact Moderators directly:
  • There’s an issue with your Public Mobile service that prevents you from using your phone to make calls, a feature is bugged, or if earned Rewards aren’t showing up.
  • You’ve ordered a SIM card online, it’s been more than 7 days, and you haven’t received it yet.
  • You would like to change your Self-Serve email address, or make other Self-Serve account changes that you are unable to do yourself.


A Public Mobile Self-Serve account is your one stop shop for everything we offer, and lets you:
  • Check your balance and top up your account.
  • Browse or purchase new plans and Add-Ons, like: U.S. Roaming, Long Distance, and more data.
  • Update your personal account details.
To sign in, visit, or click on ‘My Account’ in the top right corner of the Community page. If you don’t have a Self-Serve account, click here to learn how to get one set up ASAP.

Dialing *611 on your phone

If you’re looking to make basic account changes, you can dial *611 on your phone to:
  • Make a payment with a Public Mobile payment voucher, or through a pre-registered credit card.
    • You will be pre-registered if activated or renewed your account with a credit card.
    • You can also choose to register a credit or debit card at activation, after loading payment vouchers.
    • Learn how to register a credit or Visa Debit card here.
  • Purchase Add-Ons or review a summary of Add-On usage.
  • Check your account balance and confirm your plan expiry date.
  • Add or remove AutoPay (learn more about AutoPay and other Rewards here.)

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