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Change your Plan

When you’re changing your plan, you can choose to change immediately or at your next plan renewal date. To change your plan: sign in to Self-Serve, select ‘Change Plan’ on the Overview page, select the plan you want, and scroll to the bottom of the page.If you’re looking to apply a promotion to your plan, learn how you can do that here.Changing your plan on the next plan renewal dateWe recommend you choose this option because it allows you to use the services you have already paid for until your next plan renewal date. Here are some things you should know about this option:
  • If you choose to change your plan on your next plan renewal date, the amount owed will be automatically updated.
  • If you have AutoPay set up, the amount of your new plan will be charged on your payment due date.
  • You can cancel a future-dated plan change at any time by clicking on the ‘Plans and Add-Ons’ tab and selecting ‘Cancel Order’.
  • Any earned Rewards will be applied on your next renewal after the plan change.
Changing your plan immediatelyYou may choose to change your plan immediately if you have used all or most of your services, or if your account is suspended and you would like a different plan. Here are some things you should know about this option:
  • There must be enough funds in your account to cover the full amount of the new plan.
  • A new payment cycle starts when you activate your new plan.
  • Your plan will not be prorated, which means that any days remaining in your current payment
  • Any earned Rewards will be applied on your next renewal after the plan change.
  • If your account is suspended – changing your plan is a 2-step process, so be sure to complete both steps or you may be left with partial or no service. Step 1 initiates the change, and step 2 reactivates your account via making a payment (if necessary).
    1. Make sure to review your details carefully before changing your plan - Once you click “Yes, change my plan”, all features from your current plan will be lost and the plan change will be completed, even if you do not make a payment in the second step.
    2. Top up your account with sufficient funds to reactivate your service - Since we are a prepaid service, you need to have the funds available for the plan change to fully take effect. If you only have partial funds in your account, or if you do not complete payment after changing your plan, you may be left with no or partial service. We have introduced several warnings to ensure you don’t leave the page without topping up, but figured we should mention it here as well. Note: If you have sufficient funds to cover your new plan,you won’t be taken to the payment menu.
What will happen if my payment wasn’t completed?In this scenario, your account could still move from suspend to active, re-starting your plan cycle and potentially only reactivating a portion or none of your services. If you find yourself in this situation, simply go to the “Payment” tab in Self-Serve, choose “One Time Payment”, and opt to pay the “Amount Due”. This will cover the new plan cost less any partial payment that was taken. After successful payment, your services should be fully reactivated. If your services aren’t restored,please start a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon, to submit a ticket to the Moderator Team by clicking here.

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